Anonymous: I'm sorry but you are fabulous

*flips hair*

thank u honey

thathurricanejane: Not a suggestion..just..why is your blog so amazing? lol


Anonymous: cn u make a mitt romney crayon thANKS <4

sry im frm england

Anonymous: can you do a bleach colored crayon and on it says: chug

no one would understand that , people might think it was referring to cum

Anonymous: can you make a niall horan colour?


aloned: do you get paid for letting ads be on your blog?xo

yes but i’ve literally made about 15p so I don’t see the point ! haha xo

Anonymous: i think it is time for you to make a justin bieber crayon like purple or something

i don’t 

here&#8217;s the base crayon, make your own and submit them!